Thursday, June 19, 2014

Where Gun Stores Outnumber Museums and Libraries

from ssgmarkcr

I came across this interesting article that also has, what I think is a pretty cool interactive map.  My only complaint is that the map is a bit small.  But I discovered that my home, which is in Morrison County MN comes out with slight lead in gun dealers.  It would have been more fair to include ranges too, but it would have been a challenge considering it could be quite a job to find the data.

    I don't really have anything deep or contemplative to say about this article other than its an interesting way to look at things.  Thought I'd offer it up to the masses here to share.


  1. Living in a veritable metropolis of libraries, museums, parks, recreational areas, book stores, theaters, concert venues and auditoriums. Not to mention several universities and teaching hospitals. Have 22 books checked out from the library right now.

    The only gun shops I remember as a kid were sporting goods stores and pawn shops. There still aren't very many, thank goodness.

    1. Actually I was quite surprised there are as many as there are in CA. That interactive map is fascinating.

  2. It obviously shows guns are the most important things in their lives, or the community would not financially support some many locations. That does say something about the character of the people in the community. Just as a community with the most museums says something about the character of that community.