Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gun Range Suicide with a Rented Gun in Vacaville CA

Local news reports

Approximately 30 minutes before police were called, the man reportedly came to the businesswhere he rented a .45-caliber handgun. According to Lydon, the man provided the employee with identification in order to use the gun. He shot an unknown number of rounds before ultimately turning the gun on himself.
When he failed to return from the shooting range, employees tried to contact him through the businesses overhead paging system but received no response, Lydon said.
The employees then went down to the range where they opened the closed doors and found the man.
Based on the report of the injury relayed to police, officers were able to respond with a medic, who determined that the man had succumbed to his injury.
A green sign was place on the door leading down to the range, stating that it was closed for the day.

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