Monday, June 16, 2014

Safe Storage Laws in New York

from ssgmarkcr

 Its obvious its an election year when politicians work hard to come up with laws that will fix everything.  Even when there is already a law on the books covering a crime.  It sort of reminds me of the war on drugs where politicians were working so hard to out do each other on how tough they could be regarding drug penalties.  And what we got out of it was an incarceration rate second to none.
On Friday they introduced “Nicholas’ Law,” which would require gun owners to do what they should already be doing — locking their weapons and storing them away.

    However, the recently passed NYSafe Act seems to already have that covered.

"The SAFE Act is aimed at reducing gun violence and making New York a safer place to live. It requires that guns remain safely secured and inaccessible to those not permitted to possess them. Following a few common sense rules and educating our children will make a safer New York."


  1. If politicians are pandering to the public, that means a switch from the public showing a move to make gun laws stricter. Absurdities are normal in the political arena. An ill informed public is also normal, which helps explain why so many idiots are elected to office.

  2. "An ill informed public is also normal, which helps explain why so many idiots are elected to office."

    The ill informed public was quite evident at this event.

    "The teenager who went on a deadly rampage at an Oregon high school used a gun he took from his father’s arsenal.
    Some Bronx legislators are trying to ensure the same things doesn’t happen here."

    Not even the author of this article seems to recall that the firearms used in the shooting in Oregon were secured. Politicians have been pandering as long as they have existed. Passing another gun control law in New York is no more suprising than passing one in New Jersey.
    Minnesota has had a safe storage law on the books for years. Passing two laws for the same crime, doesn't make it twice as effective. States tend to get the laws that the voters want because state legislators are much more answerable to the voters.

    1. Again, it just shows that politicians want the people to think they are doing something. There are many "double" laws on the books.