Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit Holder Loses his Gun at a Little League Game - A Kid Finds It - No Charges

Southern Beale

One of Wisconsin’s safest, most responsible gun owners ever forgot where he put his handgun at a kids’ Little League game:
Roger Gransee of Whitewater said he was acting as catcher as his granddaughter warmed up for her 12-and-under fastpitch game Sunday when he lost the handgun.
“I am so embarrassed by this, it’s unreal. It was just a careless mistake,” Gransee told The Gazette.
Gransee has a permit under the state’s concealed-carry law, and concealed carry is not banned in Janesville parks, including the sports complex, police Lt. Keith Lawver said.
Well, at least he’s embarrassed about it. That makes everything alright, correct? The weapon was a loaded, .380 semiautomatic handgun, and it was found by one of the Little League players during the game. The child, clearly more responsible than the adult in this case, handed the weapon over to the umpire. A coach called police.


  1. "The child, clearly more responsible than the adult in this case, handed the weapon over to the umpire."

    Well, we don't really know if a child found it, in fact the article actually says that.

    "It wasn't clear who picked up the gun at the ball field. Lawver said children should never touch a firearm they find."

    And my guess is that there will be some sort of charges considering that we actually discussed a similar event. As the article says,

    "A detective continues to investigate and will consult with the district attorney's office about the potential for charges, Lawver said."

    In the earlier event, charges were filed, it just doesn't always happen at the speed you see on TV.


    1. The fact that we don't know and the fact that it was a Little League game proves the danger of some careless idiot being allowed at all to bring a gun to a gathering of so many children.

    2. A gun owner who loses possession of his gun should be arrested immediately, the moment his identity is known.

    3. That's just one reason why gun loons fight against being able to be traced to a gun. If we could do that they might have to explain (be held accountable) how their gun fell in to the hands of criminals and those not qualified to own a gun.

    4. That's right. They try to equate being responsible for their weapons with having their rights infringed.

  2. It is important that anyone who is carrying concealed be in control of their weapon at all times.