Saturday, June 21, 2014

Homemade Gun Factory Shut Down in Sydney

The Daily Mail reports

A well-established homemade gun factory discovered by police in Sydney had been running for several months producing weapons with the potential to explode in the hands of users.

Police uncovered the facility during a raid on Tuesday at Casula in the southwestern suburbs.

Officers located tools, machinery and containers full of metal shapes, consistent with the making of firearms.

Acting Assistant Commissioner John Kerlatec said home-based gun manufacturing increased the potential for firearms to end up on the streets.

"Secondly these guns are not made with high-grade steel or by any standard of manufacturing qualities," he told reporters on Wednesday.

"They could potentially explode in the hand of the user which we have seen and demonstrated in our own laboratories.

"Importantly these guns are designed to kill and they will injure or maim someone in the wrong hands."

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