Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gun Shot Victim Gets a New Face

A 37-year-old man injured in a 1997 gun accident has been given a new face, teeth, tongue and jaw in what doctors say is the most extensive face transplant ever performed.

Officials at the University of Maryland Medical Center announced today that Richard Lee Norris is recovering well after last week's 36-hour surgery.

He is beginning to feel his face and already brushing his teeth and shaving. He's also regained his sense of smell, which he had lost after the accident.
As we've noted a number of times, gun shot victims are not only counted in deaths. Some serioulsy damaged people suffer terribly from gun shot wounds.

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  1. It is a good thing that Mr. Norris is going to have a life after such surgery. I read several accounts of the surgical procedure and it appears to have involved scores of doctors and other healthcare professionals--at who knows what cost.

    The Benjamins spent on teh gunz are enormous but they're sorta dwarfed by those spent on dealing with the damage they do.

  2. I see that this is another of the many posts that mikeb30200 puts up that the gunzloonz ignore or maybe it's actually a repellant?

    Whenever there is an undeniable case of teh gunz wreaking havoc and NOT having some redeeming qualities to offset that havoc, well, the gunzloonz got nought to say.

    1. Democommie, the source article said that the wound was self inflicted. It wasn't clear whether that was an accident or a suicide attempt. Regardless, the best thing to do here is to leave the man in peace.

  3. Ha,ha,ha! Greg Camp wants to leave the man in peace. If he had gotten the wound while perpblastin', otoh, Greg Camp would be making hay like a Massey Ferguson 1700. I'm not sure if he's got a hay baler; he has already demonstrated proficiency at manure spreading, though.