Sunday, March 25, 2012

Montana Gun Owner Arrested at Airport with Several Guns

Harold Waller, 45, was arrested Thursday afternoon after Transportation Security Administration officials found a gun in one of his carry-on bags, said Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Ramos.

When TSA screeners conducted a more thorough check, they found Waller was carrying a loaded gun, and had two other semi-automatic weapons packed in his carry-on bags, Ramos said.

After Waller was arrested, deputies searched his car and said they found eight more guns, some of which were loaded.

Waller, from Circle, Mont., was trying to board a US Airways flight to Phoenix.
Now, what could the pro-gun crowd possibly use to excuse this guy? Did he just forget? No, that doesn't seem likely. Was he worried about his safety in the Phoenix area and simply wanted to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights? Did he think the TSA was so busy frisking little kids and disabled old ladies that he'd get through?

No, nothing seems to explain why this lawful gun owner did what he did. I wonder if he had a concealed carry permit. I guess he could have, so many gun owners do these days.

I suppose some of the real gun-rights extremists long for the day when no checks were made and if a guy like Waller got on a plane armed to the teeth, at least they'd have a gun or two to protect themselves and others. Does that attitude make sense to you?

I'll go out on a limb here and tell you what I think, in spite of my inability to read the guy's mind. He had bad intentions and the TSA did a splendid job disarming and arresting him.

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  1. Poor Jake:

    He and his gunzloonz palz see a story like this and just know that they're fucked out of spinning it in any way--thus they ignore it.

    1. yea..that's it *rolls eyes*'s really not an act with you is it? i've posted exactly 3 comments on this site..While I don't agree with Mike on every single point I think he's right sometimes. You, on the other hand, just make noise..Kinda like a chimp banging on the glass at the zoo.

      Yes, I own firearms. Yes, I enjoy shooting and I enjoy looking at and firing different types of firearms..You can actually blame Uncle Sam for that..Ever since he put that M60 in my hands and then an M16 I was hooked (although my fav was the MK19 automatic grenade launcher..but that's another discussion)

      Instead of just flapping your keyboard and spewing insults, nonsense and overworking the "z" key, why not contribute meaningfully to the conversation?

    2. Jake, that's funny, I think we were exposed to and enjoyed the same weapons in the military. I loved the grenade launcher that made the "thump" sound when it fired.

      I went to Parris Island in the summer of 1970. After i stayed stateside, thank God.

    3. Mike, thanks for your service! I was an Infantry Medic in the Army and while we weren't "supposed" to fire anything over 5.56, being with the grunts certainly had it's perks :-). I can't begin to remember how many stupid smiles I had on my face firing some of the big iron. I was able to unofficially qualify as a Bradley gunner as well..But the MK19 is still my fav :-D

  2. An update:

    "SACRAMENTO - A Circle, Montana man attempting to board a flight in Sacramento was instead arrested after security officers noticed he was carrying a gun in a holster. Airports personnel found three more guns after searching his bags Thursday afternoon. Officers discovered a total of four firearms.

    45-year-old, Harold Waller, was carrying a .45 automatic loaded with 12 rounds in the magazine and a round in the chamber, two loaded 25-caliber automatic weapons loaded with six rounds in the magazine, and a 9mm Smith and Wesson, a federal law enforcement source told CBS.

    Federal officials say Waller had 192 rounds of ammo with him as he tried to board the flight to Phoenix.

    Officers also found three knives in Waller's possession. Waller was taken into custody by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department."

    from here (

    Sounds like someone Progunzfessur Camp would like to hang out with.

    1. I do have standards, Democommie. I don't hang out with people who carry a .25.

      But seriously, why can't your side recognize that the vast majority of us aren't like this guy? There are a few idiots in every crowd, as Democommie demonstrates.

    2. I don't hang out with people who carry .25 caliber handguns, Democommie. And as you amply demonstrate, there are idiots in every crowd. What I don't understand is why your side can't see that the vast majority of us aren't like this guy.

    3. The true value of "vast majority," that's our problem.

    4. Hundreds of millions of guns, about a hundred million gun owners, and the number of bad incidents is fractions of one percent of the total. That's what I mean by a vast majority.

  3. Mike: "I'll go out on a limb here and tell you what I think, in spite of my inability to read the guy's mind. He had bad intentions..."

    I think he had the intention of being arrested. Come on, do you really think he was trying to successfully sneak guns through by placing them on the x-ray belt?

    1. Good point, maybe. But if he didn't do it to get arrested, he would be a major whackjob, and one with lots of guns.