Friday, March 30, 2012

Jon Stewart on Obama and the Russians

I wonder what else Obama will take care of in 2013.


  1. Oh, how about setting up his presidential library. He can take care of his children's lessons until he and Michelle can find a good private school in the Chicago area. I understand that the speaking fees are pretty good for an ex-president. . .

  2. It is interesting that the spectre of the Commiebogeyman has been resurrected by the Reichwing (ably assisted by the SKKKrotalMurKKKinPatriotiKKK Front). It is a bit ironic, in that Bushco's starting two wars in SW Asia and squandering our blood and treasure without bringing democracy to flower tossing crowds of grateful SW Asians has contributed in a large way to the russians diplomatic policies and covert ops in the area southeast of the caspian sea where all of that lovely oil and natural gas is located.