Sunday, July 29, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Young Maryland Girl by her Brother - She's Dead - No Charges

 Delmarva Now reports

A clearer picture was beginning to emerge Friday into how a 12-year-old girl was shot and killed at her Willards home.

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis said the 13-year-old boy, who accidentally shot her Thursday, was moving items from the floor of his bedroom to clean.

"He went to move the gun to a location where he could clean his bedroom floor," Mike Lewis said. "While moving that gun, his sister actually said something to him and he turned to answer her and, when he did, he accidentally discharged the firearm."

The .22-caliber rifle belonged to the boy, who used it to go hunting and who had completed a hunter's safety course. The brother and sister were reportedly home-schooled.
"Home-schooled," you know what that means, right? Parents who do that are convinced they can do a better job with their kids than the local government-run schools.They even sent this boy to the hunter's safety course.  It's probably safe to assume that long before that they taught him basic gun safety themselves.

Yet, he killed his sister in a moment of unforgivable gun negligence.  In my opinion, the parents share in that responsibility.  This is more than a "tragic accident."  This is gross negligence, not only on the part of the 13-year-old who took the fatal action, but on the part of his parents.

These are people who cannot be trusted with guns.  Do we need any more proof that what happened?
The gun-rights fanatics keep telling us we cannot punish people for things they haven't done yet. But they also say we cannot punish people like this who are responsible for death. 

The bias of the pro-gun folks is blatant and nonsensical.

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  1. guns don't kill people. idiots with guns kill people.........
    tom webber

  2. What you need to explain is why these things keep happening in Maryland, a state with lots of the gun control that you want.

    And on the subject of home-schooling, if you saw the condition of many American schools, you'd be tempted to teach your child at home as well.

  3. What doesn't need any further explaining is that these events only happen where there are guns, and that they don't happen, nor does any thing equivalent happen WITHOUT guns.

    What makes you assume that we don't know the condition of many American schools? The solution is not more home schooling, it is to improve the schools, including by volunteering.

    Maryland has these events happening because idiots who buy guns are still idiots, and there are a lot of idiots who buy guns in Maryland.

    1. So you want only marginal changes made in public schools, but radical and massive changes in our gun laws? Millions of students are hurt every day by our lousy school systems.

      But Dog Gone, are you finally advocating for a total ban on guns? That's the implication of your statement. Of course, that would be impossible to bring about here. We gun owners have made sure that a total ban will fail. So you're left with pissant little efforts.

    2. DG said: "The solution is not more home schooling, it is to improve the schools, including by volunteering."

      Please prove that homeschooling is not the answer to the education nightmare in this country.
      Volunteering will improve the schools? Are you kidding me?
      But, it does prove you have a miseducation from the government indoctrination centers.
      And as a reminder to everyone, volunteers get paid exactly what they are worth - NOTHING! Oh, that's right, sometimes they get a T-shirt.
      orlin sellers

  4. Mikeb said: "Home-schooled," you know what that means, right?

    No, could you explain it to me.

    Could it be that you were educated by the government and they instilled in your young, feeble and impressionable mind that the government is a better parent than the actual parents?
    It appears they did a helluva good indoctrination job on you.
    orlin sellers

  5. Another sad reminder that children and guns don't mix, and the role that irresponsible parents play. Doubtless the parents won't be charged with anything. As we say over at the Kid Shootings blog: "Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult."

  6. None of you have a right o judge ANYONE!!!!!!!

  7. Also for the Gentlemen(Used VERY loosley!) That wrote the article, If you care to comment on this you need to knoe the whole story! Dont assume anything JERK!