Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why buy your deadly fetish when you can just 3D-print it?

AR-15 part made with 3D printer (in white resin)
Need a gun and don't want to actually buy one?  Care to skirt the law without stealing the object of your fetish?

Well wish no more!  Now you can just print it with a 3D printer!  Apparently someone has made a working gun using a 3D printer.  They've even made working parts for an AR-15 assault rifle.  Online plans are apparently available, of course.  Gun fetishists will make sure they arm the world this way, and damn the consequences.

3D printers aren't common for home use, but it won't be long, and they are certainly available for those who wish them.  Get one, and then you gun loons will be able to make and own all sorts of ego boosters for just the cost of the resin.

From a New Scientist article:

HaveBlue", a member of the gun enthusiast forum, which is named after a common semi-automatic rifle, claims to have carried out the first successful test-firing of a 3D-printed gun. 
HaveBlue did not print an entire gun but only a part called the lower receiver, which serves as a frame for the other components of the gun. This component is the only gun part regulated for sale under US law and as such must carry a serial number - unless it's made by a private individual for their personal use, so HaveBlue is not breaking any laws. 
Making gun parts used to be impossible for most people, of course, but computer files for AR-15 components have been available online for some time. HaveBlue claims to have combined a 3D-printed receiver made from hard plastic with parts from an ordinary pistol and successfully fired more than 200 rounds. "To the best of my knowledge, this is the world's first 3D printed firearm to actually be tested, but I have a hard time believing that it really is the first," HaveBlue said. 
HaveBlue also attempted to build a working rifle using the printed receiver, but encountered difficulties when passing ammunition through it. These issues remained after swapping out the printed receiver for an aluminium version, though, suggesting the problem lies with a non-3D printed part of the gun.



  1. This does not yet work with full-power ammunition for an AR-15. However, we've been telling you for a long time that any machine shop could rig up a basic firearm. Remember the Liberator pistols that we dropped in Europe during the Second World War? (You probably don't, but look them up.) Making a gun isn't hard.

  2. I love watching you people sweat and go into hysterics when we outsmart your idiotic laws.

  3. "Anonymous" -- you sound like another gun-toting criminal to me. I'm guessing you buy your guns in private sales where you don't need a background check, right?

  4. Baldr, explain what you mean, and it's relevance to my comment. Remember, you are a public spokesman for an anti-rights group, so act accordingly.

  5. And who are you, Anon? Afraid to reveal your identity as you admit to outsmarting our "idiotic laws"?

    1. Unlike you, I suppose. But here's a thought that you may find scary: Gun owners have a lot of guns--300,000,000 or more. Do you really think that it's possible to get rid of all of those? As you've seen, even if you could, more can be made without too much difficulty.

      Perhaps a more productive course of action for you would be to stand in Niagra Falls and tell the water that it shouldn't go down.

  6. I'm just an anonymous commenter who buys as many guns he wants, and whatever types he wants, in the gun control paradise of MA. All legally.

    Now answer my question.

  7. The era of mass access to 3-D printed life and liberty preservation equipment is here, meaning that the era of "gun control" is blessedly over. Decent Americans are finally throwing off the oppressive shackles of "gun control."

    Your side--the "government monopoly on force" genocide enablement lobby--has lost. Gun rights, therefore America, therefore humanity, have won.

    To recap: you LOSE, and decency wins.

    You LOSE

    I shall now revel in the celebratory performance of messy bodily functions on all the oppressive evil you hold dear.

    Can you dig that, Kilgore? ;-)

    1. Fantasy dweller that you are, I'm sure you'll enjoy the celebration. You should fire a few rounds into the air in honor of your "victory."

    2. Still calling printed guns a "fantasy," herbivore? So are you going to tell Congressman Steve Israel to stop "fantasizing"? He's so terrified of printed guns and magazines that he's trying to ban them (good luck with that!).

      Let freedom ring.

    3. Speaking pf "fantasies," Mikeb--still clinging to yours--that 3D printed guns are not a real and growing threat to the sick, twisted agenda of "gun control"?

      Because I have some news. Very bad news for you, but WONDERFUL news for all of humanity.

      The completely printed pistol is here!

      Rep. Steve Israel is (naturally) in a tizzy, as is Sen. Schumer.

      Granted, it's a smoothbore, and seems not to have sights, so it's not accurate; and it's limited to .380 ACP (a fairly anemic caliber), and is single shot; so it's not very powerful, but it's a functional gun, completely beyond any "gun control" laws.

      Ask not for whom the bell tolls, "gun control." It tolls for your evil ass. Do you hear it tolling, Mikeb? Do you hear it?

      Sounds like freedom to me.

    4. Speaking pf "fantasies,"

      Oops--that was supposed to have been "Speaking of 'fantasies,'" of course.

      Damned proofreader must be drunk again.

    5. Kurt, don't worry, you're the only one around here who uses the [sic] designation to point out the minor typos of others. That's often one of your biggest victories in the debate.