Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another Potential NRA Board Member

Walton Henry Butler, NRA member:

The fact is gunloonery is all about this:

According to a charging affidavit obtained by The Star, Butler had referred to Pamela Rogers’ child and other children at his apartment complex with racial slurs.

Gant was shot between the eyes when he went to Butler’s apartment to confront him over the remarks, the documents said. Butler allegedly closed his sliding glass door and left Gant bleeding on ground outside.
The suspect contacted 911 and had finished his dinner before Gulf County Sheriff Joe Nugent arrived.
Nugent recalled that Butler appeared “inconvenienced” by the arrest, saying that “he had only shot a n*gger.”


  1. I don't understand why articles like this are tolerated on this site. Jadegold makes wild assertions with no evidence, despite the repeated claims from Dog Gone and others that your side cares about critical thinking and correct methods of research. There is no mention in any of the cited articles that Butler has even heard of the NRA, much less that he's a member or serves on the board.

    But we already know how much credibility your side has. You don't have to keep working so hard to prove it time and again.

  2. "wild assertions with no evidence,"

    Greggy: Are you suggesting this story is bogus? That it didn't happen and I'm picking on Walton Butler?

    Because that would be a wild assertion with no evidence.

    1. Jadegold, read the last sentence of my first paragraph. What does it mean to you?