Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lawful Pennsylvania Gun Owner Commits Triple Murder

Yahoo News reports

A Pennsylvania man confronting his estranged wife about custody arrangements for their daughter shot the woman to death and killed her boyfriend and his mother, then fled with the 4-year-old girl before the two were found about 250 miles away in Ohio, authorities said.

In Pennsylvania, guns are very bad news for women. When one of the lawful and responsible gun owners gets angry enough, this is what happens.

What's your opinion?  Do you think not a single one of these murdering maniacs could be identified before they act? Do you think a guy who kills his ex and her family has displayed no signs of instability up to the moment he pulls the trigger?

We need to raise the bar as to who may own guns. We need to screen for psychological problems. We need to disarm the worst of the worst, before they act.  It wouldn't be that difficult to do.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. but that would be bad for the arms industry!
    tom webber

  2. There are some 100,000,000 gun owners in this country, give or take. How many psychologists do you suppose we'd need to get us all an appointment?

    1. There are likely not that many gun owners in the country but more than that number of guns- 300,000,000 guns. Of those, fewer people own them so that means fewer gun owners own lots of guns. That is scary and should be.

    2. Yeah, the accepted number used to be 80 million. Let's start calling it 70 M, just to be fair. Fewer gun owners, more guns.

    3. Just to be fair? I've seen estimates that run as high as 120,000,000. The Gallup poll of last year said that nearly half of American households have at least one gun. As always, your side has trouble with numbers.

      But frankly, what you should understand is that we've been working to guarantee that gun control will fail. We gun owners have so many guns that you'll never get rid of them all. To round them up would require massive violations of Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights.

      If this scares you, too bad. I don't care. People who yearn to take away the rights of others scares me. But I'll follow Jeff Cooper's advice on that. Don't be scared; get angry.

  3. I am sure he was an OWS supporter. Why are OWS thugs so violent?

  4. Japete and Mikeb, there's one number that I can give you a guarantee on--the number of guns that we'll willingly give up: ZERO.

  5. It seems pretty obvious that anyone that gets married could also get divorced. Both parties to that marriage will have in-laws who could possibly become outlaws. Because of situations like the one in this post, I propose that this blog go on a campaign to ban anyone getting married - because they could eventually go through a divorce - be banned from owning or possessing a gun. Likewise, to prevent in-laws from becoming outlaws, so to shall they be banned from possession or ownership of any weapons, including quilting needles.
    orlin sellers

  6. Texas Colt carryJuly 30, 2012 at 6:09 AM

    When one of the lawful and responsible gun owners gets angry enough, this is what happens.

    I would say that this is what happened to this individual. Not everyone else as a common rule that owns guns. To take that as a common rule then you would have 80 million news reports on every gun owner, given if there were only 80 million gun owners.