Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Ever wonder why the NRA wants to fight firearms restrictions in its home country as well as abroad?

Too much money to be made selling guns to idiots.

“The Obama administration’s feebleness in the face of the American gun lobby will result in 2,000 lives lost each day… but (it) still has time to turn election year adversity around by courageously supporting a strong Arms Trade Treaty outcome during the U.N. General Assembly meetings in October,” said Kathi Austin, executive director of the Conflict Awareness Project and former U.N. arms investigator.

Fat chance, that's a month before the election.


  1. Good of you to recognize that gun control is going nowhere in the current political environment.

  2. The UN is having an election in November.....

    The failure of the ATT has a lot of dissenters could it be any of the other countries that didn't sign, like Russia, China, France, Israel, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Argentina to name a few......

    Nah it's all the mean ole USA's fault, good gravy you bunch are a useless bunch of gits....

  3. By the way, how many guns does the NRA sell per annum?

    But on Thomas's point, whoever is responsible for stopping this treaty has earned my thanks. Wouldn't it be pleasant if the Czech Republic did it? They make such good guns.