Saturday, August 4, 2012

A better graphic of James Holmes's Gear

According to Mother Jones, most mass shooters have bought their guns LEGALLY: "132 guns possessed by the killers, more than three quarters were obtained legally."

Note the "By looking closely at Holmes’ ammunition and equipment, it becomes clear the attack at the movie theatre could have been much worse."

This graphic comes from:

Now, isn't it wonderful that any maniac in the US can buy the gear to kill a large amount of people?

Even better, that people (you {should} know who you are) are willing to stop any attempt at preventing that carnage from happening in the first place?

Yeah, yeah, I know all the gun guys would have been able to have stopped the punk if they had been in that theatre--they would have been able to take clear shots through the haze of the CS gas.


  1. laci said.."they would have been able to take clear shots through the haze of the CS gas."

    Why is it that you anti-rights bigots think that the only way to return fire was from across the room? According to witnesses, he walked past people, up and down the isle, someone simply could have walked up behind him and shot him in the back of his head, or his face, or his ear. There are debates on whether or not he was wearing body armor, but even if he was, he wasn't bullet proof. The back of his legs weren't protected, his arm pits weren't protected and his butt wasn't protected either. I see you're exercising you're 'critical thinking' skills, too. Not

    1. Bill, no one shot Loughner down.

    2. This is true, and a fine example of CCWs not shooting innocent people, perhaps no one had a shot, but in the theater, no one had to opportunity to make that decision. A life jacket doesn't always save the person wearing it, but you sure want one when the boat's going down.

  2. So if the point of this post is that he did by everything legal, passed four background checks and still the nutjob committed murder, then I agree, no matter what you do, criminals will always find a means.

    1. It should not be legal to buy multiple weapons and lots of ammo over a short period of time.

    2. The Aurora killer bought his guns over a period of months. Tell the truth by saying that you don't want anyone buying any weapons or ammunition at all.

  3. Once again, to justify carrying a gun to control freaks, we'd have to show that we can use a handgun perfectly in every situation. In other words, it must be a magic wand. I see a handgun as a way of improving my odds. I have no idea if I could have stopped the Aurora killer, but that's one exceedingly rare type of danger. It's much more common for a thug without body armor to break into a house, hold up a store, or confront a good citizen on the street, and in a situation like that, a handgun can be used effectively to stop the attack and defend the lives of good people.

  4. I will repost this here from another post, it still applies,

    Besides with those things being fully loaded they are HEAVY! 100 rounds of .223 weighs a LOT plus the drum itself.

    Unless your jolly green giant, the average person cant carry as much ammo as one would assume. It was probably all this guy could muster to walk in there with that rifle, a shotgun and two pistols. He couldnt have been able to move fast, which would have made him a great target to return fire to if someone else carrying would have been in there.

    For example, when I go hunting I carry a Mosin Nagant 7.62X54R and 20 rounds in a pouch, one pistol .45 1911 loaded but no extra magazines. Now I know I am old but I am a big guy and not really fat at all. At 300 yards to the deer blind and I am rather tuckered out. And thats not including the clothing that you have to wear in the cold, dried snacks, water, communications equipment, flash light for being there overnight and so on. If I get a deer and the truck cant get to it, its a half a day just to drag that thing to where I can get the truck to it.

    A lot of noise was made about the shooters 6000 rounds. OK, he had that. So what? There was absolutley NO WAY he could have carried that amount with him, unless he was one of those fictional cartoon characters with super human strength.

    So what was he going to do with all of that? Nothing! It was useless to have that many and commit that crime, any crime. If he were to commit mass murder crime sprees unapposed, it would still take him days to do so. And that chance would be what? Nothing, nada.

    His crime on that theater in order to make use of everything he had would mean that he would have to set himself up in THAT theater at least a day ahead of time, barracade himself in and get everything loaded and in place before the shooting could begin. And again, whats the chance of that happening? NONE, nada!

    Putting limits on ammo wont do anything to stop someone from committing that kind of shooting. It wouldnt matter if he had 600, or 60,000 rounds, he simple could not employ it all.

    A crowded theater would be the same a shooting fish in a barrel, maybe even easier than that. He couldnt have been that great of a shot in the first place or a LOT more would be dead. He was shooting at random, thats all.

    Most CHL holders, or at least the ones I know PRACTICE and practice a lot. So do I. I am a VERY good shot, making each one count. A law officer on the other hand shoots just enough to qualify to carry each year. On the average the typical law man burns about 10 rounds a year and can hit their target one out of six times. They practice more on physical take downs, not shooting. I wont get physical with you, I will shoot you instead.

    This Aurora shooter probabaly practiced just enough to be familiar with his gun to know how to fire it and verify that it would actually go bang and nothing more. His concern wasnt accuracy, it was terror pure and simple. The question to that reason has yet to be determined tho.

    1. I should add, this repost is a post I posted on the Ron Johnsons opinion on here.

    2. Amen, Texas Colt carry. Let's also note that arranging the exit doors so that someone can go out, but not come back in that way--and having them checked regularly--may have done some good here.

  5. 1,000 rnds of .223 ~28lbs so 6,000 rnds of .223 ~144lbs of loose ammo just the ammo.

    So one 100 round mag, and 197 30 round mags

    The AR magazine shown is not a 100 round .223 drum mag....

    It is a .22lr drum mag....

    1. I cant find on here or on reports from the Aurora police, Colorado state police anything about a .22 used. The AR15 is a .223.

      Is it just the graphic is a wrong pic being used? I wouldnt be able to tell you from one drum to another what caliber they are.

      197 30 round mags? Thats 5910 rounds. Heavy, plus the weight of the mags! I cant find where he carried those in the theater either. Were those in his ownership or at the theater?

      Here again, there is no possible way to employ everything he had purchased.