Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Visits Mark a New All-time High

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  1. But notice what happened to your page views. I suspect that the change in comment moderation policy has something to do with the dip, and you'll see a rise again now that everyone is welcome once more.

    1. My guess is that the Batman shooting accounts for both the increase in initial hits and the lack of deeper interest.

    2. Your numbers fell well before the Aurora incident. We'll see.

  2. Don't zoos have the most visitors in July? Hold it! Did I say zoos?
    I meant it was more like Animal Farm, where all pigs are equal, just that some pigs are more equal than others. There was a slight variation from Animal Farm and the pigs though. This Animal Farm was run by asses in Mikeb's absence.
    It was painful to visit the old farm in July.
    orlin sellers

  3. No, the asses and the anonymi were still lurking, obviously, and quoting what we wrote with links elsewhere. We the auhtors created the interest that the numbers show.

    Orlon fluff-brain, you are always painful, and usually dump a load of manure. Not really a 'farm improvement', just more shit and ignorance.

    1. Oh, my dearest DG, there is news. News about crazy people on Big Pharma's drugs. This may be painful for you.
      First, a few words from Ryan McMaken:

      A few days into the investigation it was revealed that the suspected Batman Movie Killer was under a psychiatrist's care at the University of Colorado where he was treated with who-knows-what mind-altering medications.

      We also later learned that the alleged killer had sent that doctor, Lynne Fenton, a package by the suspected killer detailing some of his murderous plans. FoxNews asks "What did she know, and when?"

      We later learned that Fenton had been reprimanded by the University in 2005 for unknown (at this time) reasons, and that she nevertheless was made an assistant professor and medical director of the university's student mental health service.

      Following these revelations, the University of Colorado went into CYA mode, and has lucked out now that the judge in the case has ruled that the University is exempt from open-records laws on matters related to the killings.

      Now, we find that the court records have been altered to remove mention of the alleged killer's involvement with the psychiatrist. According to the Denver Post:

      The motion by defense attorneys, originally released Friday, was altered to black out a section that revealed Holmes was a patient of University of Colorado psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton.

      Now, for a few links to feed your weak and infirmed mind:

      Darling, won't you please reconsider the simple suggestion that indeed, wacky legal drugs do indeed play a part in the many acts of lunacy we see. It is not only guns, but knives, bats, cannibalism, and any other assortment of crazy and gross crimes.

      Your friend,
      orlin sellers

    2. 1. We have no info that the shooter was on drugs.

      2. He was only very briefly in the care of a psychiatrist, who no longer had any jurisidiction over him once he quit school, as she only was responsible for students.

      3. Even while he was in her care, we have no indication any meds were prescribed, or if they were that he took them.

      4. The matters for which the psychiatrist was disciplined are so minor, so trivial, so petty as to be not worth considering in any context of the actions of the shooter.

      5. You DO get it right, that the last link you provide has to do with simply redacting public material in controversy over how information has been made public? Unless otherwise determined by a court, any and all of Holmes medical records are still private - as they should be for you or me or anyone else - and that privacy was violated by someone.

      You got nothing here Orlon, certainly nothing whatsoever that links drugs to James Holmes. You also have nothing to show that the psychiatrist knew anything that was in the notebook found UNDELIVERED in the mail room.

      Your research skills are shoddy Orlon. You might do well with Greg Camp as one of his students; you wouldn't hack it anywhere I've attended though.

    3. Btw - regarding your claims about big Pharm and violence, here is the wikipedia entry on the two Columbine shooters regarding drugs:

      Though some friends of Harris suggested that he had stopped taking the drug beforehand,[29] the autopsy reports showed that he had Fluvoxamine in his body at the time of death.[30] Abrupt cessation of SSRI antidepressants has been found to interfere with normal social functioning in some patients. (referring to Harris)

      You appear to be parroting without understanding the views of controversial figures like Peter Breggin; those are pretty much fringe views, not widely accepted by mainstream adolescent psychiatry. Both the Columbine shooters were determined to be suffering from mental illness; there was no conclusion by any official investigation that prescription drugs or any other kind of drugs was responsible.

      You are a silly man who believes silly things you obviously don't understand very well.

  4. DG said, "there was no conclusion by any official investigation that prescription drugs or any other kind of drugs was responsible."

    WOW!!! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Big Pharma is never guilty of anything.
    The most hilarious thing about your kind is you have no common sense. It can look like a duck, walk like a duck, talk like a duck, and you'll say it tastes like chicken. Pitiful, actually.
    orlin sellers