Sunday, September 14, 2014

Anti-War Song

Dachau blues those poor jews
Dachau blues those poor jews
Down in Dachau blues, down in Dachau blues
Still cryin' 'bout the burnin' back in world war two's

One mad man six million lose
Down in Dachau blues down in Dachau blues
Dachau blues, Dachau blues those poor jews
The world can't forget that misery

'N the young ones now beggin' the old ones please
T'stop bein' madmen
'Fore they have t' tell their children
'Bout the burnin' back in World War Three's

War One was balls 'n powder 'n blood 'n snow
War Two rained death 'n showers 'n skeletons
Danced 'n screamin' 'n dyin' in the ovens
Cough 'n smoke 'n dyin' by the dozens

Down in Dachau blues
Down in Dachau blues
Three little children with doves on their shoulders
Their eyes rolled back in ecstasy cryin'

Please old man stop this misery
They're countin' out the devil
With two fingers on their hands
Beggin' the Lord don't let the third one land

On World War Three
On World War Three


  1. Really great piece by Don Van Vliet! The music is incredible, but most people can't get past the music, so I really appreciate that you posted the lyrics! Dashau Blues originally released in 1968 by Captain Beefheart on the seismic event off the Richter scale album that changed the way we listened to music forever, Trout Mask Replica!

    1. Yes, indeed. I came late to the party, but I'm here now.

  2. Curious, Mike--did you post this because of concern about what's going on in Ukraine and how the nuts in charge here, Europe, and in Russia keep escalating it, or does this have to do with the new "strategy" on ISIS?

    If the latter, what's your suggestion?

    1. The two current news items that could possible build into global disaster are the ISIS thing and the Ukraine thing. You got it. I think in both cases Obama is doing a great job. The criticism that he's being too cautious about ISIS is, in my opinion, unfounded. The air strikes which were initially called "pin pricks" by the Obama haters have turned out to be quite effective. And most importantly, relying on diplomacy in pressuring other countries for support rather than going in there with ground troops is the right course.

    2. Unfortunately I listened to that POS and will never be able to unhear it. Just absolutely awful..

      Yeah, Obama's doing a great job. Just after his insane speech about more weapons and training for the Syrian rebels, the rebels signed a treaty with ISIS not to fight against them.

      Your supposed anti-war stance is a joke, about as funny as Obama getting a Nobel peace Prize.

      orlin sellers