Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The NRA's self-satire.

I'm seriously wondering whether the NRA really takes itself seriously, finally coming up with some seriously laughable pieces of self-satire which the Daily Beast calls Despicable.

Not really, despicable if you can read between the lines to see self-parody gone wild.  These are the funniest thing the NRA has come up with to date.

They talk about Media Dishonesty, yet they support a media which uses discredited pundit John Lott regurgitating the material which has been disproven.  I'm sure they see Fox News as "honest media" given how they dislike "Public" Media, which is only slightly less honest in that it is actually commercial media.

Anyway, here is Charlie Brooker's Daily Mail Island for what watching too much right wing media can do to your mind.

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