Monday, September 15, 2014

Quote of the Day

Sixth-grader Derek Atkinson is in Ferguson-Montgomery’s class and said he knew she carried a gun because he saw it on her hip when she bent over in the classroom. The teacher’s nickname is "Iron Woman." Source


  1. So the teacher is viewed as someone who both teaches AND protects. A refreshing concept.

    "Ebner talked about the accident with his son after school Thursday. He was glad his son’s first concern was for the teacher, but was surprised with the student’s other thoughts.
    "I didn’t know he liked the idea of teachers with guns," Ebner said. "He was glad she carries a gun in case some crazy comes into the school.
    "I thought he would be upset and that it might scare him," the father said. "But with all the news coverage and the Internet, they know everything and are exposed to all the stories about school shootings."

    1. Wait til the teacher "accidentally" shots a kid, not just a toilet.

    2. As I cited in the other posting about this event Anon, this also seems to be a location where police officers screw the pooch too. The more often you handle the weapon, the higher the possibility of a negligent discharge. If it just stays in the holster, its just fine.

    3. The more people carrying the more "accidents" will happen. Just keep those odds away from children.