Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ted Cruz Inappropriate Joke After 9-year-old Loses Control of Uzi, Kills Instructor?


  1. This is too ludicrous to even merit a serious response. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Why? What's the ludicrous part?

    2. The part where you and the moron in the video try to tie cruz's comment to the accident in arizona even after the moron states Cruz never mentioned the accident...That stupid comment the idiot Cruz made has been around for years long before the accident in Az. Try some honesty sometime mike I know it will be difficult for you but give it a shot you may find you like it instead of the lies misinformation and propaganda you usually puke up


    3. Everyone knows that stupid joke has been around a long time. But, since you want to be honest, the gun range shooting death in AZ was big news during those days. So, wasn't the joke in poor taste? Isn't that a valid criticism?

    4. What was the bad taste part?. Was he speaking on a subject that had nothing to do with the accident in AZ yes he was. Was he pandering to his base as all slimy politicians on the left and the right do yes he was. But was it in poor taste because of its timing No it was not. one had Nothing to do with the other. the only thing that was in bad taste was that anyone showed up to here Cruz speak in the first place.


    5. Mike, I love that you're now the propriety and taste police. Especially since you and dog gone enjoyed and strenuously defended posting pictures of a guy that accidentally shot himself, mocking him before he was even in the ground.