Thursday, September 18, 2014

Michael Brandon Hill, Georgia School Shooter Who Harmed No One Gets 20 Years

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  1. "And although Hill was heavily armed when he walked into the McNair Discovery Learning Academy, the defense painted a picture not of a deranged madman out to harm others, but of a severely mentally ill individual who was seeking “suicide by cop” after numerous failed attempts at taking his own life, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported."

    I'm going to call BS on this. He could just as easily done the suicide by cop thing by using a toy gun. I'm going to go with the nut who's a bad shot thing. Much like the Marissa Alexander case in which her poor marksmanship is being spun as "warning shots"

    1. I'm surprised you don't find that story credible. This guy is so mentally ill that anything is possible but not that he intended to kill people and just failed to do so for poor marksmanship.