Friday, September 19, 2014

Monica Wehby, SECOND incident of plagiarism, and apparent lying

Monica Wehby? 
Monica Wehby,
behind the facade?
 From Oregon Live:

Monica Wehby's campaign acknowledges plagiarism problem, blames former aide who disputes charge

Monica Wehby's campaign on Wednesday acknowledged problems with plagiarism in some of her issue documents and removed them from her website.
Her campaign blamed a former staffer, and it was clear from the context that Wehby and her aides were referring to her former campaign manager, Charlie Pearce, who is now running Dennis Richardson's campaign for governor.
Pearce, who was clearly irked, denied having anything to do with the problem. "I did not author the health care policy or economic policy plans," he said in an interview.
The Wehby campaign scrubbed the issue papers from its website shortly after BuzzFeed reported that chunks of her economic plan closely followed wording from a report by Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio. Some portions also used the same wording as a plan by a 2012 GOP congressional candidate from California.
A day earlier, the web publication had reported that a seven-point health care plan released by Wehby last year mimicked much of the wording of a survey taken for a group run by GOP consultant Karl Rove.
Wehby spokesman Dean Petrone had called the health care charge "absurd."  But following the second BuzzFeed report, Petrone issued this statement:
"These website pages were authored by staff that are no longer employed by the campaign and were immediately removed once brought to our attention.
That put the attention on Pearce, who assembled Wehby's initial campaign staff and was listed as the contact on press releases detailing the health care and economy plans. He left in a big staff shakeup after the primary when Wehby was struggling to get past controversy over calls to the police made by her former husband and an ex-boyfriend complaining about her behavior.
Petrone, who did not respond on the record to Pearce's statement, denied that Wehby or anyone currently connected to the campaign had anything to do with writing the plans.

However, Petrone said Wehby "stands by the positions she's taken and the ideas.  The act of what was done, she had no role in that."

UPDATE: An email obtained by The Oregonian containing the original Word document draft of the economic policy appears to show that it was written by an employee at Meridian Pacific, a consulting firm working for Wehby, and not by Pearce.  John Peschong, a partner in the firm, told the Salem Statesman-Journal that he couldn't authenticate that the document was produced by his firm and said he couldn't reach the person named in the Word document, who no longer works for Meridian.
Nice piece of work, Wehby plagiarizes BOTH her health plan, AND her economic plan, and then tries to blame someone else who was NOT responsible. Clearly, this woman has problems telling the truth, and we should not be taking her word for ANYTHING.  (Shame on the NRA AND the GOP for endorsing this woman!)

Monica Wehby deserves to be bounced to the curb, not sent to the Senate for Oregon.


  1. Man, you really have it in for her. She should have sexually assaulted a teenager instead, then you surely would leap to her defense like you did for David Wu.

  2. I did not leap to the defense of anyone sexually assaulting a teenager.

    You DO like to make up shit, TS. That must mean you have nothing of substance to defend Wehby.

    Yup, that's it.


    You kept defending him by saying he only "made a pass at her", which was not at all the allegation.

  4. Wow looks like TS has you dead to rights on this one DG.

    1. TS, Anonymous -- false. Every source I've looked at says no criminal charges were filed, and no claims of ASSAULT on the teenage daughter of a donor were made either. The descriptions, over and over, are 'unwanted sexual advances'. That is not a sexual assault, and NO, sexual assault was not the allegation involved.

      So no, as usual TS is far from on target and factually inaccurate.

      And here was my specific comment, which does not defend Wu but merely identifies the allegation against him, noting that the young woman in question was over the age of consent because she was older than 18.

      "This was not a case of misconduct in the case of Wu with a child; it was a case of misconduct with an adult."

      YOU LOSE.