Friday, September 19, 2014

Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever

From Mother Jones 
Yeah, I know there's an atteribution to Mother Jones and I don't take credit for it, but some people are so stupid that if you don't attribute something in a way that is so obvious, they will accuse you of plagiarism.


  1. I have yet to see a criticism of Obama that wasn't primarily motivated by racism.

    1. Just keep sticking to that belief Sandra. It has been noted, however, that even the most extreme conspiracy theories have some modicum of truth to them.

    2. Sandra is exactly right. The "modicum of truth" in some of those lunatic theories is laughable. But you keep sticking to your belief.

    3. Mike, sticking to ones belief is one thing. Living in a dream world is another. But I will stick to the facts, thank you very much.

    4. Anon must be one of those idiots who thinks "the moon landing never happened" has a modicum of belief to it. No wonder the rest of his thinking exposes a true loon.

    5. Are saying the moon landing never happened?