Saturday, September 20, 2014

Light dust up in Glasga

"We can get called to a gang fight and there'll be fathers n' grandfathers shouting 'C'mon, get him'. This is what we are dealing with in West Scotland."
I'm not sure if someone thought that the light dust up in George Square after the Independence Referendum was somehow any indication of Scotland handling this issue in an "uncivilised manner".

FYI, It doesn't take too much to start a fight in Glasgow.  I should probably be proud that I have never been in one while there.  Glasgow has had to live with an often deserved reputation for trouble with "booze and blades" for generations. There is "an inherent culture of knife crime, and violence, giving it the title of being the “Murder Capital of Europe"".

In other words, It doesn't take too much to start an "ugly scene" there.

Although, I have to admit a bit of surprise that the people causing the "ugly scene" were Unionists, since they were winning.  I would have thought the people getting ugly would have been the pro-Independence side being sore losers.  The Unionists were winning--why cause trouble?  Just get drunk and...

But, as I said, it doesn't take too much to start a fight in Glasgow.  Fuel the rage with alcohol and you are sure to have a fight on your hands.

Well, no one was killed and the knifing seem to be only a rumour.

It was just a light dust up by Glaswegian standards.

And a light dust up is a very different thing from armed voter intimidation.

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