Sunday, March 27, 2011

3 Dead in Utah Murder - Suicide

Different from the typical murder-suicide story which destroys families, this one sounds like it involves people who had fallen on tough times. Almost always we hear about anger and rage, about jealousy and obsession, but here's a case in which the argument could be made that it was their right to do it, that it was their business.

I would still argue that the two murders preceding the suicide would be suspect, but I get the point.

Police suspect that the father shot his wife and son, then shot himself. A note was also found, but investigators did not say what was written in the note or who may have written it.

"I know them personally," said Stephanie Weeks, a janitor at the center. "They're a loving family, very supportive of each other."

While neighbors and investigators were asking why, Weeks could only guess about a motive.

"The son's health was declining. He was handicapped. The wife's health was declining and they just lost their home. It's so sad," she said. "Something had to have happened in the last 24 to 48 hours."
What's your opinion? Even in cases like this, isn't it possibly a momentary and passing insanity that leads up to the shooting? In that case, gun availability plays a deadly role, just like in all gun violence. Don't you think?

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  1. This sounds to me like a case where despair over one tragedy was transformed into an even greater loss for this family of three.

    How achingly sad. The thought which crossed my mind was that facing struggles like this loss of their home and the cutting in our social safety net, must have combined to overwhelm their ability to cope.

  2. Yes, indeed. And the last thing people who are overwhelmed need is a gun.