Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Supreme Court, So Beloved of the Gun Culture

via Norwegianity, there's this about Justice Clarance Thomas and his buddies.

It’s wrong to call Justice Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom. For starters, only African Americans have a right to make such an accusation, but more importantly, Clarence Thomas is more properly known as an Uncle Clarence.

An Uncle Clarence is someone who gets a lot of help getting from nowhere to somewhere, and then pulls the ladder up after himself lest someone else on the bottom accidentally get ahead. An Uncle Clarence ignores the racial nature of the USA’s prison and death row populations, and makes it easier to execute the innocent. And, when a man wrongfully put on death row escapes by virtue of his complete innocence, an Uncle Clarence will tell him that the prosecutors were just doing their job when they withheld exculpatory evidence that kept an innocent man on death row for fourteen years.

And yes, there are five [5] Uncle Clarences on this Supreme Court, each and every one of whom should be impeached and removed if only for this one decision.

More from Jeralyn Merritt.
What's your opinion? Has conservatism poisoned even the highest court of the land? Is nothing safe or sacred from its corrupting effect?

Watching the Supreme Court that makes decisions like this could lead one to question some of their other 5-4 decisions, don't you think?

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  1. "Has conservatism poisoned even the highest court of the land?"

    When it comes to guns, the supreme court isn't "conservative" enough.