Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toy Guns in the News

At around 7:45 a.m. Thursday, Lewiston Police received a report of an individual wearing camouflage clothing with firearms near three schools.

Police said the subject was reported to have pointed a handgun at a vehicle. All public schools in the area were notified and went into a "soft" lock-down.

Officers found a 13-year-old autistic male. He admitted he had been playing with his toy guns. It was determined that there was no real threat and the schools resumed normal activity.

A scare at Blake High School today turned into a lesson for students and parents.

A school resource officer got a tip that a student arriving on a bus may have a weapon.

The officer and school administrators met the bus when it arrived at the school.

The student in question was found with only a toy gun on him.

School officials say even though it was a false alarm, they are praising the student who reported the tip and reminding students not to bring those items to school.

A SILLY prank has seen a Tacoma man arrested after staff at a Tuggerah store thought they were about to be robbed, sparking a full-scale police operation which included calling in a helicopter.

The man, 33, went to Westfield Shopping Centre, Tuggerah at 10am on Saturday to buy a costume for a dress up party.

He purchased a full face balaclava and a toy gun before going to JB Hi-Fi and buying a television.

When the man went to the loading dock to pick up his new television police said he thought it would be funny to wear the balaclava and carry the gun.

However, staff didn’t feel the same and called security and police with officers from Tuggerah Lakes sending the police helicopter as well as attending the scene amid fears of an armed hold-up.

The man was arrested and has been interviewed by police.
What's your opinion? Judging by what's reaching the main stream in just a single day, this is a bigger problem than previously thought.  I have all the wonderful memories and nostalgic recollections as any other man my age of playing cowboys and indians and cops and robbers, but look what's happening.

Toy guns have got to go.  Ban them says I.

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  1. Ban them says I.

    And I say that you need to shout it from the highest rooftop you can reach. Let the entire fucking world know of the utter finality of your messy divorce from reality (generously assuming, of course, that you and reality so much as ever briefly shacked up together at some point in the distant past, obscured in the mists of antiquity--let alone solemnized the union).

    Now that we have established, beyond any possibility of dispute, that it's feasible for mere hobbyists to build real, operational guns at home, how fucking hard do you think it would be to build fake ones?

    By the way, are you going to ban soap and ink, too?

    Seems to me that what you would really like is a law regulating what people are allowed to think. Mandate that everyone subscribe to your "guns are icky" school of "thought," and the whole world will be a little slice of effete pussy's heaven.