Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gun Culture - Mississippi Style

 The AP reports

An argument between two armed neighbors over a dog and its feces escalated to a shootout in rural Mississippi, sending one neighbor to the hospital with injuries from shotgun pellets and the other neighbor to jail.
What's your opinion? Is this another one of those rare anomalies? Is the percentage of gun owners who can be represented by these guys so small that we can ignore it?

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  1. In a recent little bit of research I was doing on how red states compare to blue states (it's not good by most objective, non-partisan metrics for the red states)there was extensive evidence that there is not a substantive difference between liberals and conservatives in IQ.

    There IS however a difference, although not a huge difference, between IQ in states that are high in temperature while states that are among the coldest in the contiguous 48 have the highest IQ.

    (I live in MN, I love this, LOL - we're consistently in the top 1 or 2 in SAT scores, and among the top few in CAT scores...) Sadly, red states tend as a group to also have the lowest scores in education - with Mississippi coming in dead last in nearly every category one would wish to do well in, while ranking at or near the top in the bad ones (like sexually transmitted diseases).

    No surprise, in the use of alcohol:

    3.1 Alcohol Use in Past Month among Persons Aged 12 or Older, by State:
    Percentages, Annual Averages Based on 2005 and 2006 NSDUHs.................................

    It should be no surprise that Mississippi was in the group that had some of the worst stats.

    It strongly suggests to me that, as with the Darwin awards, that phrase one hears "alcohol may have been involved", and booze doesn't make for good judgement with firearms, if only because of how it impairs healthy inhibitions.

  2. It's rare enough to have made the news wire. That's telling enough.

    I live in Minnesota too, and I can tell you the folks who votemliberal are among the dumbest and exhibit the least common sense of anyone.

    All we need to show is al franken and mark (I am a recovering drunk, oops was a recovering drunk, let's start over) Dayton.

  3. Hey, P - it's great to see another Minnesotan commenting here.

    If you look at the statistics for different categories I think you will find that the liberals have a far far better track record of results, disproving your contention about liberals and common sense. But I doubt I will succeed in persuading you; however, if you DO have an open mind, you might want to see whta I mean here:
    and the post which prompted this series (new parts to debut later this week):

    Dayton hasn't been in office long enough to know what kind of governor he will be; Franken has done an excellent job - I suggest you look at his record for successfully proposing worthwhile - and largely bi-partsan supported - legislation, compared to say, Bachmann's in the House.

  4. I'd rather live in Minnesota than Mississippi, and I hate the cold.

  5. Really? Because this morning, a little before sunrise when I had to go outside briefly, it was in the middle single digit temperatures.

    It's a lovely contrast to come back inside though to a hot cup of coffee, fresh from scratch bisquits fresh out of the oven, and eating breakfast next to a blazing fire. But I could do without the painfully cold nose, fingers and toes despite protective clothing...

    Spring, sure....eventually.

  6. Only in Mn would the liberal base overlook a persons history as completely as the electorate did here and elect a man who admits voting drunk on the senate floor, who admits having trouble staying sober and who was drinking again during the campaign. He also admitted to being on paxil and drinking.

    When anyone mentioned it, it was decried as being "mean". Well hell yeah, but being a drunk is no criteria for being a Gov either. I put the over/under on him being found under his desk sucking his thumb and making motor boat noises at 14 months.

  7. Franken on the other hand will only answer letters from DFLrs and refuses to answer questions about his intent on any pending legislation. Secondly, the man is a bastard. He pulled his wife out of a hat and made her go on TV ads saying the man was a saint for sticking with her while she battled addictions to alcohol. What a crock. First, no husband of any guts would make his wife expose herself like that. Second, while she was having troubles with booze he was driving her to it by snorting fistfulls of Coke and banging extras on SNL. Gee, no wonder she hit the grape a little hard.

    Amy is no better, she has the same problems her father had as a newspaper man. She has her own suite at hazeldon

  8. P, You really have the inside scoop. You should start a blog like Perez Hilton.