Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tyler Heinze Back in the News

You remember the well-spoken young man who supported his older brother Guy when Guy was arrested on the preposterous charge that he bludgeoned eight family members to death. Guy is still awaiting trial, I'm not sure how that speedy trial business works. Maybe in Georgia that's not one of the Amendments they concern themselves with.
He faces two felony counts of possession of a weapon on school property.
What's your opinion? Are two knives and pepper spray something to really worry about?

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  1. But ... but ... he's white! If he were African American there'd have been a speedy trial, sentencing and execution already.

  2. First that is an obvious illegal search and seizure – No probable cause except as the police say they “recognized him” OK – so what are they saying? He is a criminal because he is the victim of having his family murdered by NOBODY has been convicted of anything and Thank God in this great country of ours one is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.
    Tyler is close the top of his class at Glynn Academy and doing very under inconceivably difficult circumstances.

    Pepper Spray -(which I have almost ordered myself over the Internet a couple of times) is a Defensive non-lethal “weapon. It sounds like a scared kid who draws way too much Unwanted attention in a small town. He has done nothing wrong. People don’t but pepper spray to attack anyone. I think it is obvious to Anyone – People buy pepper spray to defend themselves. I think this says a lot more about how safe Tyler feels anything else.

    I have a Swiss Army Knife in the pencil holder in front of me. Had it for years. I use it as a letter opener. It is not illegal to carry it. I think the law is over 3 or 4 inches is illegal. A small folded pocket knife.

    Arrested and jailed for it!!

    ** I was (rightly) corrected in my other post where I referring to Tyler Hinze as a 17 year old minor. Under Georgia law he is was not a minor at age 17. My apologies.

    Again if I were found with those items even if the policeman decided to pursue it I wouldn't be held overnight in jail. This is just plain WRONG !

  3. I'm sure it would have been all the worse for a black kid, but what it was seemed a bit over the top.