Thursday, March 31, 2011

Police Shooting in Kent, Washington

What do you think happened? How about this?

1. The guy was a 63-year-old Open Carry protester. The cops were unprepared for someone like him, being in their twenties and inexperienced in dealing with gun rights extremists. At the first movement they blew him away and naturally claimed he'd aimed the gun at them.

2. The guy was depressed because of the ecomony and maybe his wife just left him. Knowing the cops would be called, he went for a walk with his shotgun in hand. When the cops approached he shouldered the weapon.


  1. Every death is a tragedy. But this case illustrates one of the greatest faults with open carry: police can't readily tell the bad guys from the good guys, and it drastically increases the odds that "good guys" suffering from depression or other mental illness might spontaneously make a very wrong decision that gets themselves or others killed.

  2. The police here are dangerous thugs, they do beat the hell out of people, rob people, and they get away with it because they have a badge. With that said, I think they were justified here. He knew the consequences of his actions.