Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Academy Award Nominee

I guess the right word to describe this performance is disingenuous, but phony-baloney comes to mind too.  You remember our last nominee.


lacking in frankness, candor, or sincerity; falsely or hypocritically ingenuous; insincere.


1. nonsense; baloney.
2. nonsensical; foolish.


  1. Except that WLP is right, and that is what kills you.....

    Now the former ATF attache to Mexico, in charge of agency operations there, is talking to CBS News. He was told that the operation had been approved by the acting ATF director and by higher officials at Justice Department, and that Assistant Attorney General and head of the Criminal Division Larry Breuer knew about it. And apparent it did result in a lot of traces that would illustrate how US guns were ending up in Mexico:

    "Gil first found out something was amiss in early 2010 when serial numbers from a flood of guns used in cartel crimes were all tracing back to the same case in Phoenix: "Fast and Furious." But when Gil's analyst checked ATF's computer files to find out more, he hit a brick wall.

    "Not only did he not have access, I as the attache, the head agent in Mexico for ATF operations, did not have access," says Gil. He was locked out.

    That was a red flag because Gil says as the senior ATF official in Mexico, it was his job to approve any ATF operation involving Mexico; and he didn't approve this one."

    The ATF is to blame...... for guns run to Mexico......

  2. And another tale to cry yourself to sleep tonight Mike.....

  3. DGU....

    A store manager in Pearl likely will face no charges from fatally shooting one man and critically wounding another during an attempted armed robbery Tuesday afternoon, according to Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest.

    Guest said Wednesday based on the information he's received, the store manager acted in self-defense, which is allowed under state law.

    Pearl police identified Alex Vivas and Arnoldo Villafuerte as the two men who allegedly planned to rob Gold & Silver Extravaganza III at 3040 U.S. 80E. Both were in the country illegally.

    Vivas, 33, who was from Honduras, was shot once in the chest and died on the scene, said Pearl Police spokesman Butch Townsend.

    Villafuerte, 26, from Guatemala, suffered a bullet wound to his head and one in each arm, Townsend said.

    He was taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, where hospital staff confirmed he remained in critical condition Wednesday night.

    The most recent address police had for the men was at the Crossings of Ridgewood Apartments at 5840 Ridgewood Road in Jackson.

    "Their current addresses are not known at this time," Townsend said.

    Police would not release the name of the store manager or the female employee who was present at the time of the shooting.

    The alleged would-be robbers were dressed as women, down to painted fingernails and feminine underclothing, Townsend said.

    Townsend said police found at least three handguns, more than 100 rounds of ammunition and duct tape, all brought into the store by the two men.

    At least one gun, a .357-caliber Magnum, was used by Vivas, who fired three shots at the store manager, Townsend said.

    "As soon as they pulled the guns out, (the manager) screamed for (the female employee) to get down," Townsend said.

    The same store was the site of another attempted robbery two weeks ago, Townsend said. The same store manager involved in Tuesday's shootout was alone during that instance.

    Townsend also confirmed a maroon vehicle used by the two men Tuesday afternoon was a match to the one described two weeks ago by the store manager.

    And I'll go out on the Mike302000 limb and say all Illegal alien Mexicans are criminal.... and got exactly what they deserved...... though one of them will have to live a life of pain for his actions, shot in the head and both arms ouch, and "Oh Shoot!!!!"

  4. Thanks Anonymous, I read about those transvestite armed robbers.

    In your first comment, are you agreeing that Wayne is insincere, disingenuous and a phony baloney, but that what he says happens to be correct? Or are you actually saying he's sincere and honest?

  5. How can he be insincere, disingenuous and a phony baloney, when everything that he said about the ATF allowing guns to cross the border into Mexico was true?


    So to my last article you agree that all Mexican in this country are just criminals in waiting...... since they cannot get their guns except thru illegal means?

  6. Anonymous asked, "How can he be insincere, disingenuous and a phony baloney, when everything that he said about the ATF allowing guns to cross the border into Mexico was true?"

    I didn't say he was "insincere, disingenuous, a phony baloney and a liar."

    One can tell the truth but exaggerate their feelings about it and feign shock and awe and disappointment. They can pretend to be scandalized. In these ways, people like you are fooled into being all the more rabid in their opinions. This manipulation, which is so apparent to me, works so well for La Pierre, that he earns more than a million dollars a year doing it.