Monday, March 28, 2011

Non-Fatal Shooting Accidents

via Laci

The first full face transplant
was done in Spain to repair shooting damage.

The 31-year-old thanked his donor's family and the medics that gave him a new face in March at Vall d'Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona.

A shooting accident meant his entire facial skin and muscles - including nose and lips - needed replacing.
Doctors say he can expect to regain up to 90% of his facial functions.
Gun rights advocates often dismiss the number of gun accidents as negligible.  In order to justify this, they usually talk about accidental deaths only. But, many of those who experience non-fatal wounds are left terribly scarred, in some cases paralyzed.

I don't think it's fair to write these off as insignificant.

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  1. Play stupid, win stupid prizes, "TREAT ALL GUNS AS IF THEY ARE LOADED!!!!!!"

  2. Lets take a look at the domestic oil drilling industry, one of the more dangerous jobs in the country. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of accidents each year that leave people without fingers, arms, legs, and sometimes life. I don't think its fair to write these people off either. Domestic oil drilling is far more dangerous than firearms, so I say we outlaw it.

  3. Obama has almost outlawed D-O-D, give him some time we'll all be safer for it....

  4. Oil drilling is more dangerous than guns????

    Listen, I don't like it when people make shit up around here.