Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fundamentalist Founding Fathers

via Laci, two absolutely fascinating videos.


  1. So, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, et al, were liardokenyanfascists, TOO? 11ty1!!

    I was at a party yesterday (my neighbor's sweet 2 yo daughter). He, his wife and a number of his relatives are evangelical christians. We co-exist peacefully because I don't push my atheism in their direction and ignore their occassional attempts to GODify me. We do not discuss politics. Yesterday, however, the subject of the Libyan situation came up. The 2yo's daddy (a really good, hardworking guy) who is in the reserves, having re-enlisted about 8 months ago said that he didn't understand why we were going to Libya. I was a little confused as he knew full well when he re-enlisted that he was likely to go to Afghanistan within the year. Apparently his church/political commissars have said nothing to him about the sacred mission of bringing freedom and JESUS (especially JESUS) to the GODLESS ragheads of Libya. I'll be monitoring the situation.

  2. democommie,

    You do know that it is all for the OIL right.....

    "No blood for OIL!!!!!"