Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fixing Our Gun Check System

I emphasize that this is about reducing ILLEGAL guns, and preventing illegal gun owners.  I hope that readers will consider signing this petition.  Fix our gun check system; fix it NOW.  We will all be safer.
“Enacting this legislation will help prevent other families from experiencing the terrible loss that we have suffered.”
That’s what Ross Zimmerman, father of Rep. Giffords’ slain staff member, Gabe Zimmerman, said at the Fix Gun Checks rally yesterday in Tucson, AZ. This was the first time that victims of the January 8 mass shooting stood with civic leaders to call for a specific change to our nation’s guns laws.

It was a truly powerful event as families and civic leaders came together to call for critical gun reforms. Speakers at the rally included Dr. Peter Rhee, Chief of Trauma at UMC and the attending surgeon who treated Rep. Giffords, victims Randy Gardner and James Fuller, and Patricia Maisch, who stopped the deranged killer from reloading.

Watch the video from the Tucson Rally and share it with your friends and family.

Our National Drive to Fix Gun Checks began one month after the tragedy in Tucson, and since then our team has traveled from coast to coast, raising awareness of the 34 Americans murdered with guns every day and building support for the Fix Gun Checks Act of 2011.

Each stop on the tour has moved us closer to our goal of fixing the broken background check system. But the Tucson rally was a deeply personal and important milestone for everyone involved.

Now, as the Fix Gun Checks truck heads back east, we’re counting on supporters like you to build on this momentum and keep the pressure on Congress to take action.

See highlights from the Tucson Rally to Fix Gun Checks and share the video today.

Thank you for standing with the Tucson community and supporting their efforts to stop these senseless shootings.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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  1. Did you also point out how many people are killed by automobiles every day in America? Or are their lives disposable, just the "price we pay for convenient transportation," as AAA would say?

    This country's car culture sickens me.

  2. MAgunner, I'm sorry I can't cover everything. You'll have to go to the car blogs for that. Here we mainly deal with guns, but you knew that already, didn't you? What are you doing, just breakin' balls again?

    The post was about requiring background checks on all gun sales. You got anything to say about that?