Saturday, April 2, 2011

Understanding Economics

For me, understanding Paul Krugman can sometimes be a bit difficult. I don't have an economics degree and he's a Nobel Prize winner in Economics. It makes sense. Of course our friend Mr. G Guy isn't deterred by any considerations like that. Nevertheless, I'd suggest that anyone who has difficulty with Krugman just wait till Rachel puts it all together. This is clarity itself.

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  1. Thanks for the link. I will say however that just because someone has a Nobel Prize doesn't make them an expert. Two examples for the defense are the prizes awarded to Al Gore and President Obama, both very undeserving of those awards.

    As far as Krugman, his staunch support of Keynesian Economics is wrong headed in my opinion. It's never worked and why people keep going back to theories that don't pan out, thinking that they're the one who's going to prove their forebearers wrong is beyond me. It's the same with people who think Socialism is the way to go. It's never worked anywhere it's been tried.

  2. "Undeserving of those awards," which is the Republican and conservative opinion, is just that, an opinion. Recipients of that award are super-intelligent and influential people, experts in their fields. To claim that you know better than they do is worse than arrogant, it's foolish.

    To disagree is different. To have a differing opinion is different. What you do is denigrate these men as if they're idiots and simpletons and you're the expert. That's just not right.