Monday, March 28, 2011

Another John Lott Op-ed on the President's Editorial

Fox News gives John Lott a pulpit.

After repeating the same unconvincing arguments about Obama's true feelings about gun control, there was some new material here about background checks.
Instead, the Brady Act background checks for gun purchases, in place since 1994, are a problem for law-abiding citizens. Hardly ever do background checks deny guns to criminals. Over 99.9 percent of purchases initially flagged as being illegal under the law were “false positives” – law-abiding citizens incorrectly identified as banned individuals.

Take the numbers for 2008, the latest year with data available. The 78,906 initial denials resulted in only 147 cases involving banned individuals trying to purchase guns being referred to prosecutors. Of those 147 cases, prosecutors thought the evidence was strong enough to prosecute only 105, and they won convictions in just 43. But few of these 43 cases involved career criminals or those who posed real threats. The typical case was someone who had a misdemeanor conviction for an offense he didn't realize prevented him from buying a gun. 
Of course, I find his citations a bit suspect.  But the real problem is he doesn't mention the tens of thousands of disqualified people who DO NOT attempt to buy a gun legally in 2008.  These guys either used straw purchasers, bought from private sellers or other criminals or did without.

This is the real proof that background checks work, but it takes common sense and honesty to recognize it.

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  1. Oh Mike...

    This post soo turns me on. I want to reveal my true identity, I'm not Van Dyke I'm a Van Dike!

  2. Mikeb302000:

    Did you add a zero, in anticipation of your being crowned, "King Mike of the World" or have I just been missing it for all this time?

    Besides, too, you prove the background check don't work, 'cuz criminals will always find somebody who can legally buy or illegally "steal" ("nudge, nudge, wink, wink,know what I mean") a gun from a law abiding citizen. See, so it doesn't work. This is the same reason that all 50 states have dropped drug, sexual assault, traffic and civil rights laws, 'cuz everybody knows they don't work.

    Oh, have I mentioned before that Mr. Lott has a small problem with not telling the truth from time to time, like when he opens his mouth or writes something?

  3. The Brady Campaing claims that a certain number of people have been turned down when trying to buy a gun. But I think there's a much, much higher number of disqualified people who, knowing they won't pass, avoid the entire process. The problem is we allow them too many options. Besides buying from another criminal, or stealing a gun from someone, they can also easily buy a gun privately on the internet, in the want-ads or at a gun show. This is what needs to stop.