Thursday, March 31, 2011

The NRA Reacts to the Mikeb302000Blog


  1. Mike, auch Wunderschone (can't figure out how to get the umlaut accent to work in a comment).

    Jadegold, my German was rusty genucht that I had trouble switching back and forth between the dialog and the substitles.

    Especially after I started laughing so hard it nearly drowned out the sounds coming from my computer speakers. Then my whooping with laughter started the dogs barking.

    You were a big hit!

    Applause, a standing ovation, from my computer to yours. (Gott im himmel, that was hilarious!)

  2. Hey dog gone,

    Just type your umlauted text in MS-Word 10-pt Courier New and clipboard it into the comment field!

    Georg Friedrich Händel

    Et Voilá!