Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Assualt Rifle Shooting

From Reuters, by way of crime and courts:

Man opens fire in Arkansas court, is killed by police

updated 2 hours 52 minutes ago 2011-09-14T01:10:48
A gunman armed with several weapons opened fire in an Arkansas courthouse on Tuesday, wounding two people including a court employee before he was shot dead by police, officials told Reuters.

The officials said the man, armed with two handguns and an assault rifle, opened fire on the second floor of a courthouse in Van Buren, Arkansas, in violence a police dispatcher said appeared to have been related to a domestic issue.

The gunman then left the courthouse and fired on a police unit sitting outside. Police returned fire, hitting the man. The gunman, who was not identified, later died, Crawford County Coroner Pam Wells said.
A secretary for a circuit judge was shot and wounded in the melee, and a police officer was hurt by flying glass, officials said.

Neither of those injuries appeared to be life-threatening, said the dispatcher, Linda Hernandez, of the Van Buren police department.


  1. Isn't this an example of an active shooter being stopped by armed resistance? Sure the people that stopped him happened to be police, but that could have easily been a licensed concealed carry person instead.

  2. And it could also be Bozo the Clown.

    Your point, Jim?

  3. I thought active shooters are never stopped by armed resistance. Isn't that one of the anti carry groups arguements against people carrying guns?

  4. Armed resistance from an untrained civilian is the problem, not trained LEOs or Military.

    Also, the shooter failed to accomplish his purpose of killing anyone. That could have been one of your legal gun people due to a failure of the NCIS participation.

    We don't need to arm more people, we need to keep bozos like this from getting guns in the first place.

  5. Jim, It's not that they're NEVER stopped by armed resistance. It's that they are often stopped too late. Of course there are the times like Loughner when the armed civilians, of whom I'm sure there were plenty there that day, did absolutely nothing. Same with the I-Hop.

    But, yeah, cops shoot murderers all the time, sometimes the do it even before the murders. What's your point? - to repeat Laci's question.

  6. Let's not rush to judgment here, folks.

    Has it even been determined by ballistics and forensics experts that the "Assault Rifle" in question was actually an "Assault Rifle". IT WAS PROLLY ONEATHEM PARTLY AUTOMATIC, NOT REALLY A FRKAKIN' MACHINEGUN THINGS, YOU ANTI-GUNZ FREAKS!!