Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hey, there are four different people writing here!

I just deleted a very bizarre comment to one of Dog Gone's posts where the writer missed the fact that Dog Gone is FEMALE!

Her avatar (pictured here) should clue you in on that one.

While I use the name of a female dog, I am not female. The name comes from a few inside jokes--the primary one being that my dog is smarter than your honour student.

Dog Gone and Laci the Dog are two different people in two different places.

JadeGold and Laci can sound quite a bit alike and be as curmudgeonly, but they are also two different people.

And so is MikeB.

We are four different people in four different places.

Anyway, the comment was too bizarre to be printable. I do have to admit wanting to tell the person that was an idiotic thing to have said and that he showed himself up for being ignorant.


  1. Happy Constitution Day! I celebrated by attending a Constitution Day Pig Roast at a gun store. I bought a new gun too.

  2. The Anti-federalist would not be pleased about Constitution day, but they would probably appreciate that you bought a gun.

  3. Laci, Thanks for deleting that vile comment. He's one of my fans over at DKos, I guess you could tell that. Just to please him and his buddies I cross posted Dog Gone's post about that tragedy in Minnesota. This way the can all get a look at it.

    It's no wonder the gun guys don't like us talking about those stories.

  4. I appreciate Laci being gallant in safeguarding my delicate sensibilities. He is a gentleman of the old school style manners towards women.

    But by all means, MikeB, post over on DailyKos anything of mine you like, and we shall simply deal with the dim but nasty resulting comments, as necessary.