Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ralph Nader on the Causes of 9/11

Recently, when I agreed with something Ron Paul said, I was attacked for being his supporter. On some sites, being a Ron Paul supporter is a mortal sin. Now, I'm referencing some of the things Ralph Nader says. What will that make me?

The three things that "caused" the 9/11 attacks are, according to Nader

1. our having supported oppressive dictators, furnishing them with arms

2. our support of Israel

3. our inadequate domestic defense systems

Is it true that domestically we had only two UNARMED F-16s? I'd never heard that before. Ralph Nader sure seems to tell it like he sees it, I think he's known for that.

What do you think? Does his 3-point explanation for why 9/11 happened work for you? Aren't those first two points contributing factors towards the anti-American animosity which is present especially in the Muslim world? Have we gone too far in being the policemen of the world and is this just a case of reaping what you sow?

Is it UnAmerican to suggest that we brought this on ourselves, at least in some small way?

He goes on to say the Military Industrial Complex is to blame.

The folly of the MIC is, it not only erodes our economy and destroys our quality standard of living, but it also ensures an empire which is insatiable in terms of the contracts that Lockheed Martin and other want to dominate the world.
I'm a big believer in the idea that the Military Industrial Complex is the true evil entity here. I realize they are necessary and that they do much good too, but I think their power has grown to a point almost beyond stopping, their lobbying and influence peddling power.

What do you think? If Obama's re-elected maybe he'll make good on that old promise to change the lobbying system in Washington. What do you think?

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