Saturday, September 17, 2011

Will the US reinstitute the Feudal System next?

Canada, the US's northern neighbour has begun to restore the Canadian head of state profile of Queen Elizabeth II, who is represented in Canada by a Governor-General, to full Canadian monarch status.

Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government, particularly the monarchist Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, have been working to restore the Queen as the de jure Head of State of Canada. The government began the process last month by restoring “royal” to the names of the Canadian navy and air force. Baird has now issued an order for all 150 Canadian diplomatic missions abroad to place a portrait of Elizabeth II in the public lobbies of the embassies and missions, alongside those of the Governor-General and Harper.

Toronto's Globe and Mail reported in its September 8 issue that some Canadian embassies balked at having a portrait of the Queen in their lobbies. The article did not specify which embassies were the hold-outs. The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa has also removed modern art work by Quebec painter Alfred Pellan and replaced it with a portrait of the Queen.

Harper has gone beyond the amount of royalism of previous conservative governments and there are questions as to how far Canada could go toward returning to monarchism. Many Canadian Tories were never happy that in 1965 the Liberal government of Prime Minister Lester Pearson scrapped the old Union Flag, the red ensign with the British Union Jack in its canton, and replaced it with the current red and white Maple Leaf flag, without the Union Jack. Some Tories would like to see the Maple Leaf replaced by the old British standard. And other Tories would have no problem with replacing the national anthem, “O Canada” with “God Save the Queen.”

Fortunately, the US will never become a monarchy because of constitutional considerations, but there is a trend where the feudal system could be revived. The question in the US is not whether it will return to a monarchy, but whether the feudal system will be revived. Will the US big business become feudal overlords? Will US citizens become serfs of big business working for low pay?

Let's here it for US reactionary politics!

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