Monday, September 12, 2011

Bill Maher Advises Obama

via The Immoral Minority

Bill Maher is a liberal. In this interview he made a very funny joke referring to Obama and the Republicans.

He will never pry their irrational fears from their cold dead minds.
Now this is quite obviously a take off on the famous Charlton Heston remark at the NRA convention in May 2000, which has become more than a slogan to the pro-gun crowd. It's a rallying cry.

For Maher the obvious association is between the gun-rights crowd and the conservative Republicans.  On the Jay Leno Show everyone seemed to understand it that way. This is why I find it so surprising that on supposedly liberal sites there are so many folks spouting the same inlfated and blustering rhetoric as the righties.

My explanation is that among the 80 million or so gun owners, many of whom are completely apathetic and some of whom actually agree with the gun control folks, there is a fringe element called "gun-rights advocates."

Within that fringe group there's another very small but apparently very vocal group which is "liberal gun-rights activists."  A fringe group within a fringe group.

No wonder they get so nasty when riled. They're such a minority they hardly exist, their voice is practically inaudible.

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