Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Any MikeB Readers Care to Speculate on the Firearm Ownership in This Home?

I am skeptical about both the denials that these people are neo-nazis and that there is no violence issues in this home. It has been unusual, a departure from the norm, for children to be successfully removed from a household if there are not safety issues, neglect issues, and/or violence issues.  So, while this may be one of those exceptions, I am heartily skeptical that is the case, until shown evidence otherwise.

Geeze, and I used to think a boy being named 'Sue' was bad...

from U.S. News on MSNBC.com and 'myfoxphilly' (despite this occurring in New Jersey):

Parents of Adolf Hitler Campbell lose custody of newborn Hons

Rich Schultz / AP
The Campbells with their son, Adolf Hitler.
A New Jersey couple who lost custody of their first three kids after giving them Nazi-inspired names has been denied the right to take home their fourth child, a newborn boy they named Hons.
Heath and Deborah Campbell's other children - Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell - are in foster care. On Monday, the Campbells went to family court in their hometown of Flemington, N.J,. in a bid to regain custody of Hons, who they say was taken from them by state child welfare officials hours after Deborah gave birth on Thursday, reported myfoxphilly.com.
Hons is still in the hospital, but the couple has been barred from seeing the baby, they told FOX. Heath Campbell said police came into the nursery and took Hons without a court order.
“They kidnapped my kid,” Campbell said. “I’ve been sleeping with his little blanket from the hospital.”
The state took custody of the couple’s other children nearly two years ago, saying there were in danger because of previous violence in the Campbell home, The Associated Press has reported. The Campbells have been fighting to get their children back ever since, claiming the violence charges are fabricated. It wasn't clear whether the latest court hearing involved all of the children or just the newborn.
The Campbells came into the spotlight in 2009 when a supermarket refused to ice a birthday cake for their now 4-year-old son Adolf Hitler.
Heath Campbell defended the children's names and told myfoxphilly.com on Monday that his reverend approved of him naming his new son Hons.
The Campbells have denied that they are neo-Nazis.


  1. It's for the children!

  2. I once met a mother whose child was named Xxiion. I wanted to ask her if that was pronounced, "Twenty-two-on," but she told me that I was to say, "Zion." Yup, there are some crazy people in this world, and I'm not going to speculate on much of anything regarding this couple.

  3. The authors of freakonomics, the best selling non fiction book on statistical economic analysis, had an excellent chapter on the frequency and other correlations of names, including very odd names.

    Names given to newborns like orangejello and lemonjello, which were subsequently pronounced Or-ANGELO and Lah-MON-gelo.

    I'm betting that any kid with a name like that had a hellish childhood, if only from being teased at school, and that they would change their legal names at the earliest opportunity to do so.

    But that kind of stupidity does seem to be qualitatively different from this situation, as would names like 'Idi Amin DaDa' (last name) or 'Pol Pot (last name)'.

    People don't usually name their children after notoriously brutal, possibly insane mass murderers unless there is something horribly wrong with the parents.

    The small amount of the tattoo showing makes me wonder if this family, at least the father, has Nazi-inspired tattoos that argue against the protestations they are not neo-nazis. Similar tattoos are common among prison inmates and others who hold to such ideologies...

  4. In the photo they look like a nice enough lesbian couple to me.

  5. Taking kids away from parents is serious business. I'd hate to think it was done just becasue of the names.

    I remember this story when that silly woman refused to write the kids name on the cake, but I forget the background.