Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update on North carolina Multiple Shootings

Toll of NC murder-suicide rises to 4 after son, 14, dies

By and The Associated Press
GREENSBORO, N.C.  - The death toll from a North Carolina woman's weekend rampage rose to 4 after officials announced the alleged shooter's 14-year-old son had died.
Authorities say Mary Ann Holder, 36, of Greensboro shot six people, most of them under 18, before killing herself. Zachary Lee Smith, 14, died late Monday, Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes told reporters Tuesday.
Holder's older son, Robert Dylan Smith, 17, died Sunday morning. Her 8-year-old niece, Hannaleigh Suttles, died Monday afternoon, reported WRAL in North Carolina.
The sheriff's department said Holder's nephew and her older son's girlfriend remain in critical condition.
Holder also shot her married former lover. Forty-year-old Randal Lamb was in stable condition after being shot in the shoulder.
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  1. I'm not oneathem untrustworthy mental health professionals but If'n I wuz, I'd wantaknow why she shot the guy she was involved with in the shoulder and then shot everyone else in the head. It seems that she was more pissed off at her own kith and kin than she was at her boyfriend--or maybe she hadn't zeroed in her inanimate object before she shot everybody else.

    In other, happier news, Greg Camp and other gunzloonz can breathe a sigh of relief that 2 more of the idiots who weren't carrrying gunz--like they had orta bin--are no longer sponging off the healthcare system. Yessirree Bob, nothin' sez "freedom" like havin' teh gunz.