Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash

Inspired by Dog Gone's post about the Campbell family


  1. There's a lot of backstory to this song. It was written by Shel Silverstein about his friend, Jean Shepherd. Shepherd, the author of "A Christmas Story," had been teased as a boy for having what his classmates thought of as a feminine name. Yup, there's a gun connection, see, since the story is about a boy who wants a Red Ryder BB gun.

    Silverstein also got inspired by hearing about an attorney in Tennessee named Sue K. Hicks. Hicks was one of the town boosters who figured that having a trial about evolution would draw a crowd and got his friend, John T. Scopes, to confess.

    What do we learn from all of this?

    You might not inherit the wind, but you will shoot your eye out.

    I'm sorry. . .

  2. I do find it interesting that when the articles here aren't about leftwing politics, gun violence, or why we don't really have a right to guns, there are so few comments. There were only what, three, on the fascinating lightweight material resting on dandelion seeds, and Johnny Cash only rates a couple.

    No one else have anything to say about Shel Silverstein, the Man in Black, or the Scopes Trial?

  3. I notice that too about the comments, but I figure some of our regular readers silently share my taste for the interesting and the musical.