Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, Look! Successful NON-Lethal force!

What a brave kid.

from aol news and Huffington Post:

10-year-old Wash. Boy Defends Mom With BB Gun

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Police in Bellingham, Wash., say a 10-year-old boy defended his mother from an attacker by shooting him in the face with a BB rifle as many as four times.
Paul R. Newman, the man accused of the attack, rents a room in the woman's home and came home drunk and angry Tuesday morning. Police say he kicked in a bedroom door and started choking the woman, according to Associated Press.
Officers say the boy hit the attacker with a board and then shot him in the face with the pump-action BB rifle as he grappled with the woman.
The woman and boy were able to flee to a neighbor's home and call for help.
Newman was treated at a hospital and arrested for investigation of assault and making death threats.
The victim, who sustained non-life threatening injuries, was taken to an area hospital for treatment, according to


  1. Non-lethal, certainly, but also certainly an act of righteous violence.

  2. Righteous violence

    Jeezus, Greg, you are one serious fucking asshole.

    How about justice? Or this that too much of an altruistic (I'm not going to call it Christian, due to the Septic pervision of that term) Concept?

    Greg, I've got to say it again, you are a really sick fuck.

  3. Uh, the man was drunk, broke into the child's home, and was choking his mother. You're worried about what happened to the thug? According to the article, he'll be getting justice. But face the fact that he was caught in the act. He may have proceeded to rape and murder if he hadn't been stopped, but a violent response stopped him. Does your concept of justice mean that we have to wait until the criminal is finished?

    I agree on this: One of us is sick.

  4. A BB gun is lethal force.

    At least that's what is what an intelligent person infers from a warning label that says "Serious injury or death may occur from misuse."

  5. You live in a fantasy world, Laci. You have no idea what it's like to have to deal with someone who's trying to kill you.

  6. RedAz, while a BB gun can, worst case scenario, be lethal, it's more likely to kill small animals than people.
    It is nothing whatsoever like the lethality of a larger caliber hand gun or even a .22.

    In this case, clearly, 4 blasts to the face with a BB gun at close range did not kill this guy. He appears to have been hurt but sufficiently UN-impaired to get to a hospital under his own power.

    That is relatively low lethality, wouldn't you agree?

    Or would that be expecting you to be reasonable - no doubt a futile hope.

  7. Anonymous said...
    You live in a fantasy world, Laci. You have no idea what it's like to have to deal with someone who's trying to kill you.

    You seem to have some bizarre ideas about Laci, Anonymous.

    He's a lawyer who practices criminal law, he deals with people routinely who try to kill or injure other people.

    He's also a combat vet. He's made it clear here many times that he is quite capable of defense without a firearm.

    So where the heck do YOU get off making that statement?

  8. Too bad it can't count for a legitimate DGU since a BB gun is not a firearm.

    I guess Greg meant a "good shoot" or a "valid DGU", but I have to agree with Laci, "righteous violence" does sound a bit weird in that fundamental christian kinda way.

    What do you suppose whould have happened if the kid had blinded the guy?

  9. What would have happened if the kid had blinded the goblin? The goblin wouldn't be able to see other victims in the future.

    Do you really believe that a non-violent solution existed in this case? The boy tried a board, and he tried persuasion. This was a case in which violence was the only answer.

  10. "That is relatively low lethality, wouldn't you agree? "

    Tasers are considered less than lethal as well, but that doesn't change the fact that they kill people, even when used correctly.

    So the intentional misuse of a less than lethal weapon is definitely lethal force.

  11. The kid did good protecting his mom like that.