Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Happens When a Republican Congressman Challenges the NRA?

The National Rifle Association is accusing U.S Rep. Justin Amash of "lying" in seeking the group's support for his 2010 congressional bid.

Amash is firing back, describing the NRA's attack as an example of what happens when "a powerful special interest group is challenged by a Representative trying to defend the constitutional rights of the American people."
If the guy had any common sense and balls, he would have objected to this nonsense bill for the right reason. But, like many other gun-rights supporters, he opposes it because of the states' rights issue.

The fact is, allowing Arizona concealed carry permit holders, who have the least qualifications in the country, to do their thing in New York is ludicrous and in some cases dangerous. That's the reason for opposing this bill.

But, the NRA doesn't care about such subtleties. They demand lock-step obedience and blind support, or else. And the sad truth is they get it, at least for the most part.  Not only politicians, but even your average joe gun owner, takes his cues from the NRA.  How many times have we seen one of the pro-gun bloggers call someone a "liar" for their opinion?  The NRA, despicable organization that it is, taught them that.  And sycophantic weaklings that they are, they eat it up.

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  1. I didn't know that all of you took your cues from the NRA. I've been called a liar here many times. Oh, wait, that was just Democommie talking. Who knows where he's coming from.

  2. In 2010, Amish asked for an NRA endorsement and he pledged to support national reciprocity. A year later he reneged on his pledge and you act all surprised that the NRA called him a liar?