Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guns at the Airport

The Sacrmento Bee reports on the latest guy who "forgot" he'd packed a gun in the carry-on bag.

What could possible be going through a gun owners mind at this point of the process? Does he think he'll beat the system because its so busy and crowded?

What ever happened to all that talk about risk assessment? Aren't gun owners into the idea that however unlikely it may be that they'll one day need the gun to save themselves, the potential risk of such an incident happening while they're unarmed is too high to ignore.

Isn't the potential damage of being detected at the airport with a gun too high to make it worthwhile? Or are the guys who are being caught EVERY SINGLE DAY among the ones who should not have guns in the first place?

One-strike-you're-out is my answer, at least for now. Hopefully the country will come to its senses and we can begin to screen out these bad apples before the fact.

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  1. And yet, this happened in California, safe, secure California. By the way, the gun was unregistered, so at least you can't blame this on his concealed carry license.

  2. Greg Camp:

    Well, since we have no idea whether the guy was on his intial trip or a return flight, we can't know where he got the gun. We don't know his status vis-a-vis if he is a U.S. citizen. We don't know his name.

    But, you're the guy who's counselled, as recently as the post about the guy shooting HIMSELF in the fucking head at a gun range that we need to wait until we have ALL of the facts. Right.


    You know that this sort of thing has an incidence of occurrence that is vanishingly rare, statistically insignificant and, even if someone got a weapon on an airplane, what't the worst that could happen?

    From the news story you linked to:

    "Since January, the agency has confiscated more than 1,080 weapons nationwide, Davis said."

    See, that's only 2.958904109589041 weppins/day, scattered across, what 3,536,294 sq mi. You're being ridiculous.

    It's like you think a bunch of guys having nothing to work with but box cutters could commandeer civilian airliners and use them for fuel-air bombs against U.S. government and private buildings. Whatt'r'ya smokin', dude?

  3. democommie, there are 400 billion galaxies. Greg's right.