Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Wacky World of Gun Lovers

The folks who laugh at these images are gun enthusiasts. They think it's funny when somebody has a gun mishap. Well, to be fair, not all gun enthusiasts do. But some.


  1. You do realize that buried in this video was an example of why law enforcement can't be trusted with firearms, right?

    About halfway through, we see the infamous case of the DEA agent who's the only one professional enough to have a handgun, except that he promptly pops off a round in front of a bunch of children.

    Your line of reasoning is that people make errors with firearms, therefore the number of firearms needs to be reduced and people must have limited access to them. How does that not apply to agents of the government?

  2. "You do realize that buried in this video was an example of why law enforcement can't be trusted with firearms, right?"

    Greg Camp makes a common error of the gunzloonz. He suggests that everyone who is anti-azzholez wit teh gunz is automatically a huge fan of the ATF and other federal agencies. He is wrong.

    The thing that is chilling about all "America's Most Darwin Award Shooters" is that in a lot of them, the person who is injured or loses control of a rather deadly inanimate object is with the weapons owner who is obviously a complete fucking idiot.

    The one with the little lady firing what looks to be a fully automatic weapon is pants-changing funny, because nobody appears to have been shot by accident?

    This sort of behaviour is all too common and makes trusting that the armed citizenry will be polite, or even rational, a non-starter.

  3. Democommie,

    Pay attention. I didn't say that you're a fan of the ATF. I said that the argument against allowing private citizens to own firearms because of the stupid things that they do with them applies just as well to various members of law enforcement.

  4. Greg Camp:

    I got ZERO issues with depriving federal, state or local police of their gun rights if they're as stupid as anyone in that video. Did you happen to notice that most of the shooting going on was using gunz in the sense of their being toyz? Stupid fuckz wit teh gunz are a bigger concern for me and other rational people than stupid fuckz witout teh gunz.

    But, then I'm sure you'd be totally okay with lettin' some cute young thang cut loose with a full auto weapon, 'cuz it makes her look hot'n'all.

  5. No, I'm not O.K. with letting an inexperienced person fire a gun in a poor manner. I've introduced shooting to several people, and each time, I went through the safety rules before we even touched a weapon. I showed the proper firing grip and stance. I made sure of the backstop.

    Stupidity is never cute.

  6. Greg, You are making mistaken presumptions about what I think. You should know by now I don't go in for police bungling any more than I do civilian bungling. I would like serious screening and testing and training requirements for ALL gun owners.

    The point I tried to make with this video is the cackling and howling enjoyment of the gun owners who filmed these clips. They represent a sizable slice of the pie you're part of. Cops have their own problems, sometimes similar, getting drunk and doing stupid shit. But more often than not the abuse cops do is about misuse of power.

    Anyway, I plead guilty to the charge of treating cop gun owners any differently than I do civilians. In fact, I would tend to hold the police to an even higher standard, but my standard is pretty high for all.

  7. Mikeb302000,

    Most of the people in that video belong on a reality show, and you have to understand that I regard reality T.V. as one of the most depressing commentaries on modern humanity going. I have a low tolerance for stupidity as well, but I've never found a solution to it that doesn't harm the rest of us more than it helps. There are some people who make me wonder how they ever found their ways out of their beds in the morning and also why I ever did. My answer is to educate as many as are willing to learn and to accept that I can't prevent every ill from happening.