Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bill Quigley on the Gun Mindset

Bill Quigley is the Director of The Center for Constitutional Rights.


  1. There's some real problems with the mindset that we should protect ourselves because the government can't?

    No, there's real problems with the statist boot licking tools of the totalitarian police state who want to oppress and destroy people.

  2. Geez, Anon has the talking points down, doesn't he?

    The problem is that statistics simply don't support Anon. Because Anon is a gunowner, he puts himself and any family unfortunate enough to be related to him at greater risk--not less.

    Second, if Anon really and truly believes he lives in a "totalitarian police state who want to oppress and destroy people"--why does he live here? After all, were any rational person find himself in such a state--that person would leave.

  3. Yeah, Anonymous sounds like all the other blowhards who talk that ridiculous talk but know they'll never have to walk the walk.