Monday, April 4, 2011

Guns are Bad News for Michigan Women

In Isabella County there was a rather strange domestic murder. The way the guy walked into the police station and the matter-of-fact way the sheriff spoke of the crime seemed weird to me. The news commentator said, "Police say it's unfortunate when domestic incidents reach this point."

"UNFORTUNATE?" Have they all lost their minds up there in Michigan? Is it the snow, something in the water?  I'd say it's a bit more than "unfortunate," wouldn't you?

We've been talking about this problem for a long time.  The fact is there's too much domestic abuse going on in American society. When guns are present, the danger is heightened.  Encouraging women to arm themselves is not the solution, as the case of Meleanie Hain illustrated.  The solution is obviously to disarm the abusing men. But, how?

No one disputes the fact that one cannot be punished for something he hasn't done yet, but stricter standards concerning misdemeanor domestic violence, road rage incidents and gun accidents would certainly remove guns from many of these people, and save lives.

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